The Times They Are A Changing  France Borka

The Times They Are A Changing

  France Borka – Reflections


I call this series of paintings “Reflections.” It is not only the reflection in windows, it is the reflections of our minds. Thoughts, daydreams, rememberings are pushed into our minds by the various sensations we encounter every moment of our lives. These paintings are from my personal thoughts and reflections about some of the things I have encountered in my life.

With this series of paintings I have used scenes encountered everyday to give back to the viewer the ideas of the story, myth, legend and fairy tale. I hope that by sharing them with you, your lives will be enriched and uplifted as mine has.

All images and descriptions are © France Borka – All rights reserved.

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A Japanese Landscape  France Borka

A Japanese Landscape

What’s in a fence? The dripping whitewash on the back of a fence, a broken window covered with boards, overgrown weeds, an uncut lawn and a garden lantern compose themselves into a beautiful landscape of a far distant place with mountains, clouds, bamboo trees, rice fields, a junk, a rickshaw, and all the adventure of foreign travel.

original = 34" h x 42" w

The Old Folks At Home  France Borka

The Old Folks At Home

An apartment on Main Street is named “The Virginia Apts.”  Virginia is in the South, and the south brings to mind the song “Swanee River,”and one line from the song in particular:  “...still longing for the old plantation and for the old folks at home.” The old folks at home on the plantation were much more comfortable than the old folks in the Virginia Apts.

original = 32" h x 24" w

Compositions in Mail Boxes  France Borka

Compositions In Mail Boxes

These mail boxes make a complex abstract composition. The word composition may also be used to explain what’s in them…the hopes, the fears, the joys and sorrows that arrive as “compositions in mail boxes”.

original = 24" h x 34" w

A Soul Named Sarah  France Borka

A Soul Named Sarah

Beyond this window lives an old lady, her name is Sarah. We cannot see her; we know her and her world by what we see in her window: flags, an eagle, elephants (she is probably a Republican, a little old lady tennis shoes). There are flowers in her pots, old lace curtains and a very clean window. She is alone and spends most of her time in this room. Although she seems isolated, she is still connected to the rest of us by this umbilical cord, this telephone wire, and like her  we are alone in this great togetherness.

original = 28" h x 28" w

Reflections on a Lover's Flight  France Borka

Reflections on a Lover’s Flight

Everything has its thought dreams. An old glider in the yard, with a cushion from Niagara Falls, will be remembered by Easterners. Gliding, soaring flight of fancy, brings on memories of hot summer nights sitting on a porch swing with someone dear. Who has not sat on a glider and soared in a flight of kissing and touching?

original = 30" h x 40 " w

Old Shoes, New Shoes  France Borka

Old Shoes, New Shoes

This little building, with all the old signs telling its history of being used over and over again, represents the notion that to some people old clothes are like new clothes – and old shoes are new shoes.

original = 24" h x 24" w

Sleeping Beauty  France Borka

Sleeping Beauty

In the evening a light filtering through purple drapes casts its pattern against the blue shadows of Sleeping Beauty’s tower. The young girl sleeping in this room and the “Sleeping Beauty” of this old house are both waiting and dreaming of a prince charming who will come, and with a loving kiss wake them and make all their dreams come true.

original = 30" h x 18" w

It's Not a House, It's a Home  France Borka

It's Not a House, It's a Home

This house with its red door and half drawn shades reminds us of a line from a song by Bob Dylan:

“What kind of house is this,” I said, “where I have come to roam?”  “It’s not a house,” said Judas Priest, “it’s a not a house, it’s a home.”

Some might give this house a bad reputation. Just because a house needs a coat of paint doesn’t mean that women work there.

original = 36" h x 24" w

Eulogy  France Borka


A sign in a window, a campaign poster reflected on the glass of an old house speak to our minds of a good man. He was a good man and he said many good things. One could hate him or love him, but never treat him with indifference. He stimulated and gave spirit to the country. How stupid and senseless...

original = 24" h x 32" w

The Times They Are A Changing  France Borka

The Times They Are A Changing

The old building in this picture was once Santa Monica City Hall; later it became a fire house. Now it is for sale, to be removed to make way for a high rise. The times they are a changing and we with them, which is as things should be.

original = 48" h x 24" w

Waiting for Don Quixote  France Borka

Waiting for Don Quixote

A tricycle, broom, incinerator, TV antenna and trash can lid compose themselves into Cervantes’ classic, Don Quixote. As a child’s toys wait to be played with, they are waiting for all those who, like Don Quixote, have the imagination and desire to escape into the wonderful world of romanticism.

original = 36" h x 24" w

Waiting for Everything  France Borka

Waiting for Everything

The owners of key shops always seem to be waiting for something, or someone, or for the sunshine, or the rain, or for their big invention to come through. They always seem to be waiting for everything, just as we always seem to be waiting for everything.

original = 24" h x 32" w

Tenementicity  France Borka


A definition: The riotous joy of living domestically in a tenement. A tenement is a complex domestic situation filled with crying babies, noisy kids, family squabbles, family tragedies and triumphs. It is a tale of drunken fathers and loving mothers, of drunken mothers and loving fathers, or any combination of human relationships. Although many of us think that we live apart, we are still in the human condition of a universal “tenementicity.”

original = 30" h x 24" w

How Does Your Garden Grow?  France Borka

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Does it grow with beautiful flowers or weeds, or a combination of both? Does it have good fruit and vegetables? Is it rich and varied, and full of interesting things? Have your seeds fallen by the way side or upon barren rocks, or in good rich soil? How does your life grow?

original = 24" h x 48" w

Autumn By The Southern Sea  France Borka

Autumn By The Southern Sea

In the fall JackO’Lanterns and childlike goblins appear and give us a chance to relive those spooky days when we too were of the dreamer’s world. We miss those days when falling leaves created their abstract patterns everywhere. In this land of endless summer, only our imaginations can bring us the splender of “Autumn By The Southern Sea.”

original = 30" h x 40" w

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On  France Borka

Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

Look at the things in an antique store window: pictures, books, tools, maps – and think of the many hands that made them and the many hands that worked to buy them. Yesterday’s hopes and dreams and most personal treasures are just today’s junk. They are as we are, in the words of Shakespeare…“such stuff as dreams are made on.”

original = 24" h x 36" w

The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down  France Borka

The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down

It has often been said “life is a merry-go-round.” We step on, ride a while and step off (ah, to be a child again and lose our cares in a wild, frightening gallop on a bucking, charging horse). We yearn to make that ride just once more, but with childhood’s end comes the realization that for us “The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down.”

original = 32" h x 72" w